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I am an employee job is selling bubble suit, we make the world's best foam football and our service is first class, if you want to have you can contact we are looking forward to your emails and phone calls Bubble suit is a beautiful form of recreation where participant’s head and half of their body is confined inside an inflated torus which resembles a zorb.

The game was first created in Norway and appeared on their favorite TV show, Golden Goal. Over time, it started spreading into the United Kingdom and slowly to other parts of the world. Toady the game is becoming increasingly popular across the globe with every nation playing it. Indeed, it’s an excellent game for adventure, recreation, and exercising.
The ideal age for participants of bubble football game is ten years and above. The game consumes a lot of energy and therefore not perfect for young children below the age of ten. It requires each participant to be physically fit as it involves a lot of exercising. Since it consumes a lot of energy; participants are always advised to drink a lot of water or energy giving drinks while playing or during breaks.

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